Workforce Management (WFM) is the process of forecasting and creating work patterns using available resources in order to produce an optimized staff schedule. The benefits of WFM include lower running costs, smarter business forecasting, and improved overall efficiency.

The evolution of WFM from a premise-based to a cloud-based service has lowered entry costs and simplified solution deployment so that WFM’s time management improvements are now available to organizations in a wide variety of industry verticals and by organization size.

Designed and built by a team of workforce management professionals, our online service concentrates the fundamentals of Workforce Management into an intuitive interface easy enough for first time users and familiar to seasoned professionals. Low impact, low risk, and zero setup cost makes the platform ideal for organizations seeking a rapid turnaround in staff performance and costs.


A comprehensive workforce management solution:


A straightforward forecasting system allows administrators to complete resource forecasting for a week in less than 5 minutes, or even a 10-week forecast in under 10 minutes. Import and export MS Excel data, allowing custom reports to be generated with ease.


A simple and powerful scheduling system that gives an administrator full control, includes rotational shift planning and automatic agent optimization according to graphically set up working rules.

Vacation/Time Off

Administrators may set vacation allowances and permit agents to book time off through the Agent Portal.


Enable locking and unlocking of all activities, and rescheduling around added activities.

Shift Building

Graphically drag and drop any part of an agent’s shift or add activities at any time.


Ensure plans are followed through continuous agent monitoring and filtering.

Agent and Manager Portals

Enabling secure, authorized access to the system around the clock and from any location.

Key Benefits

A subscription, cloud-based service enables you to dynamically manage your staffing requirements.


Easy to use, our three-step principle makes it user friendly.


A cloud-based solution allows your organization to respond readily to changes.


Real-time activity tracking monitors call load, available agents, and service levels.


Hosted on Amazon servers ensures maximum uptime, security, and reliability.


Optimize service levels through a unique scheduling algorithm.


On any device, at any time, you're no longer limited to a single location or schedule.


Improve scheduling, minimizing stress and increasing productivity creates a win-win scenario.


Workforce management will begin to pay for itself even before the first invoice.

Optimize your Organization

Optimizing your agents reduces staffing costs through a mix of efficient scheduling and minimizing repeat calls, reducing complaints and maximizing sales opportunites.

Respond Dynamically

The lower subscription cost of a cloud deployment opens up the unlimited capacity and power of workforce management for organizations of all sizes and types.

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